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Screenshot SF Item Graphics LT v01.0 for Transcendence 1.04 ONLY

Overrides the new 1.04 image resource files for
Corporate items separated by manufacturer
mostly with icons used in StelliFer Laboratories' SFItemGraphics
adding new icons for Ballista, Slam, Dragonfly and some color shifting for variety.

Enhancers will not be changed as the new graphics show while still unindentified.

Note: LT leaves original icons where StelliFer now uses placeholders, and there are no new sounds.

Warning: Extension UNID changed. You need to start a new game for the mod to work anyway.
Categories Recommended Mods, Quality approved, Graphics,
Author SiaFu
Rating 6   0
Added (Last modified) 28.12.2010 (31.12.2010)
Game Version 1.04
Filesize 422.92 KB
Downloads 2934
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alterecco 21.07.2011 10:45

This is a must have! Please note, it works with versions 1.04 and up.

WillyTheSquid 16.01.2012 07:01

Agree, must have mod. Can't imagine having done without for so long.

DarkCherub 17.02.2012 11:40

Thank you so much for this mod.

WillyTheSquid 21.03.2012 14:06

I'm working on an expanded, updated version of this graphics pack. It'll be while, though :)

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