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Screenshot SM&M attempts to expand mid to late game choices through a rewrite of the NAMI Heavy and NAMI Mine launchers.

New content:

-5 new heavy missiles, including the M3 "Siren" heavy EMP weapon and the M4 'Taurus' swarm-buster.

-7 new NAMI mines, ranging from cheaper CRM250s up to the very expensive (and very deadly) CRM600 'Patriot'

-2 new super-heavy mines deployed by the NAMI Heavy launcher. You'll like them. Honest.

Other changes: Value and availability of munitions and launchers has been tweaked significantly.

NOTE: This mod over-rides vanilla content, and so may/will/might clash with other mods attempting to override the launchers and ammunition items affected.



UPDATE: Replaced by SM&M+ on 2nd July, 2012. Don't use this one with Elemental Shift - It won't work.
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Weapon, Quality approved
Author Shrike
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Added (Last modified) 05.12.2010 (05.12.2010)
Game Version 1.03
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jeremm 06.12.2010 03:40


Looking to test it out today :D

digdug 06.12.2010 04:36

very nice! :D

StealthX 06.12.2010 10:27

Spactacular! You really like explosives, don't you.

Star Weaver 06.12.2010 20:14

Awesome. Now I just need to cook up a script to copy graphics/sounds from one xml (e.g., stellifer) into an xml with the actual data I want to use.

Azmond 08.12.2010 21:43

I love the idea, i just downloaded it a while ago to test and well... this came up. Any ideas to what happened?

Unable to parse NAMIHeavy.xml: Line(187): Invalid entity: rsStdMissile1

This also happened with the mines...

Unable to parse Mines.xml: Line(518): Invalid entity: rsStdMissile1 So this is just me... or the code... ANd this also happened with the Stellifer labs as well (great mod too!)

Star Weaver 08.12.2010 22:09

Azmond: I noticed you said you hadn't been to the forums yet, does that mean you haven't found the Trans ver 1.03 download there? If not, that may be the issue, as this mod says its built for 1.03 and I believe there were some updates to core missile graphics recently.

Shrike 08.12.2010 22:50

An out-dated copy is a likely cause. I've never experienced that problem myself though, and I'm running 1.03, despite starting this mod on the RC(x) series of versions.

Azmond 09.12.2010 16:10

... Man i feel like an idiot now...

Azmond 09.12.2010 16:18

In anycase i'm running 1.01 or 1.02... Can't tell which and i don't know where to get the 1.03 version so tell me on the fourms when i get on the account.

Star Weaver 09.12.2010 17:11

I'll post the url here anyway, because people keep having trouble finding this. The download link is currently on the forums in this post:

George didn't feel this one was stable enough to put on the main sight, FSR.

Shrike 03.03.2011 09:05

Well. Geez. MOTM, Featured, balanced, quality....

On the whole, I must say...I'm quite pleased. Note: This works with 1.04, but there may be a few issues (I have not fully tested it for 1.04, please report any troubles and I will fix them)

Shrike 05.07.2011 08:17

Note: As of 5/7/11, the SM&M+ Project is planned to upgrade SM&M, improve quality, and add a few tweaks that really couldn't be done with my skills when I made this.

WillyTheSquid 16.01.2012 07:04

Does this mod work with the '400+ new weapons' mod?

Shrike 02.03.2012 03:46

If it overwrites the NAMI heavy or NAMI mine launcher, or any of the standard missiles, it won't work with this.

WillyTheSquid 02.03.2012 08:26

Thanks! I'm going to try and figure out how to integrate this with WE4 and "400+" myself :)

Shrike 02.07.2012 07:04

Rendered Obsolete at 608 downloads, Use SM&M+ instead.

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