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Screenshot Just a quickie, replaces &stShipwreck; (the station created by dying ships, which is separate from 'debris' wrecks than can be generated on the map) with a variant that destroys itself if there are no items in the wreck. The check is delayed about a second for effect and to avoid conflicts with <OnDestroy>s that need to do something with the wreck.

This only affects fresh wrecks, old wrecks must (currently) be scuttled manually (via one of the various scuttler mods out there), as I don't have an elegant solution for other cases at the moment.

Update: I've been told this still works on the current version. I was going to try to do some work on it before updating the listing, but meh. :)
Categories Misc, UI Enhancements
Author Star Weaver
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Added (Last modified) 12.11.2010 (12.11.2010)
Game Version 1.08b
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sdw195 12.11.2010 21:04

cool idea Star Weaver

Darth Saber 13.11.2010 17:58

About time; I get tired of wasting time looting every empty wreck created by in the battle for the Charon system. Thank you for the reprieve, Star Weaver!

Lorddavo4 14.11.2010 07:01

This is a great mod helps alot

Star Weaver 14.11.2010 07:23

Thanks, all :). And Darth Saber, yeah, I just did Charon for the first time with this in, and ... yeah :).

(It's also handy with the Sapiens, as apparently a lot of their ships leave empty, radioactive corpses. So at least you know you'll get something for the annoyance if you dock with one now :))

Amariithynar 24.03.2012 04:46

Fav'd and DL'd.

DOSBox-gamer 07.02.2013 12:08

Here is an easy solution for clearing out older empty wrecks too: using the existing code as a guide, simply add a second event to check again later. For example (might not be exactly right, writing this from memory~) AddEvent (random 15000 20000) 'CheckAgain' and then <CheckAgain> same as <CheckEmpty> ... It works quite well for clearing out looted wrecks :)

DOSBox-gamer 08.02.2013 00:24

Here is the actual code (all StarWeavers, except where noted):


(block Nil

(sysAddObjTimerEvent (random 50 100) gSource "CheckScuttle")

(sysAddObjTimerEvent (random 15000 20000) gSource "CheckAgain") <!-- added by dbg -->



...And then add the CheckAgain, same as CheckScuttle. See, easy! :D

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