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The point of this mod is to allow developers to spawn items on a whim and ignore mundane concerns such as fuel and damage. This does not have all of the features as the more widely known G.O.D. mod. Instead, this mod offers a bare bones, no frills experience in which some actions may take fewer keystrokes. This mod also includes some ridiculously overpowered items you can spawn then install.
Categories Godmod, DockScreens, Devices
Author PM
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Added (Last modified) 27.10.2010 (08.03.2018)
Game Version 1.8a1
Filesize 207.07 KB
Downloads 4253
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alterecco 13.11.2010 22:03

cool... this is very well written!

alterecco 15.11.2010 03:28

PM - I am really tempted to include some of your excellent features in the next iteration of G.O.D. Would you consider that bad form? I particularly like your one stroke Restore that fixes everything.

schilcote 15.11.2010 13:21

I wouldn't. I do (well, DID) that all the time. :D

PM 16.11.2010 04:17

Compliments from the G.O.D. Mod master himself? This is an honor indeed.

Bad form? Are you kidding? I do not think so. Yes, you can add similar features to the venerable G.O.D. Mod if you wish. I see no reason not to.

Datal2 08.04.2011 00:43

I recommend that mod, very nice.

My favorite.


PM 08.08.2011 17:37

Updated at 507 downloads. Added a weapon that spawns crates full of ammo for fast and easy creation of crate bombs.

chandler 25.03.2012 03:45

can someone help, it says my version isnt high enough,but i can not find any higher than 1.01, which is what i have.please help

PM 01.06.2012 17:12

Updated to 1.08b at 800 downloads. This no longer overwrites dockscreens.

PM 18.06.2012 00:02

Reuploaded at 819 downloads. Fixed a minor bug. No restart necessary.

mistere 19.06.2012 09:10


PM 01.08.2012 23:48

Reuploaded at 856 downloads. Item fabricator offers a menu of items.

Androgeos 11.10.2012 13:35

This is the ONLY godmod I use for 95% of all testing purposes. After I started using it, I stopped using the Wolfen Mark III and Prophet's Godmod Ship, which is a rough indicator of just how useful this little extension is. At only 18 KB, it has everything I need except CheatCode's perma-Defend ability.

PM 19.10.2012 23:19

Updated to 1.08k at 927 downloads. Replaced "Fix Ship" option with an Invulnerability toggle. While ON, it prevents damage and fixes the playership once per second.

PM 16.12.2012 22:55

Updated to 1.1 RC1 at 969 downloads.

PM 21.02.2013 18:29

Reuploaded at 1018 downloads. The invulerability toggle was moved elsewhere to avoid crowding the Ship's Interior dockscreen in v1.2.

Datal2 22.02.2013 21:33

This mod is awesome, and make moding a bit easier :)

PM 19.08.2013 23:43

Reuploaded at 1170 downloads.

Phillip 07.09.2013 16:59

God work!

PM 23.09.2013 02:42

Reuploaded at 1203. It is usable with 1.2 beta and Corporate Command. It can also enhance weapons and shields up to +65535%.

mistere 17.10.2013 01:45

^ I remember making a modified longzhu zsphere in my mod that would enhance weapons/shields but I think it maxed out much lower than that! Like 15000% or 1500% something. I didn't know it could could go higher.

mistere 17.10.2013 01:50

^o.O Just noticed this

"2. I've fixed the bug which allowed devices to be enhanced beyond 150%. There is now a new parameter, maxHPBonus=, which is settable for armor, weapons, and shields, to set the max possible enhancement per weapon. If the parameter is omitted, the default is 150%. [This will allow us to create, e.g., very powerful weapons whose trade-off is that they cannot be enhanced. I might want to add this to Lamplighter and increase its current damage."

I guess this goes up to 65535.

PM 25.11.2013 04:29

Updated to 1.2 at 1260 downloads.

PM 02.12.2013 04:24

Reuploaded at 1267 downloads. Now includes a star select menu.

PM 13.12.2013 23:38

Reuploaded at 1279 downloads. Fabricator can spawn stations in addition to items.

PM 05.01.2015 18:20

Updated to 1.5 at 1529 downloads. Imported discontinued mod Mining Cheat, and fixed a few bugs.

PM 23.07.2015 23:17

Updated to 1.6 at 1681 downloads. Added Billionaire cheat and support for all currencies.

PM 25.12.2016 04:03

Updated to 1.7 beta 4 at 2013 downloads. This is no longer dependent on Resource Library 912. Much of Godmode has been redone to be more like G.O.D. Work is not yet finished, but released early so that those who need a G.O.D.-like utility for D&O2: Vault of the Galaxy have one available.

mistere 26.12.2016 02:06

I needed a G.O.D. like utility, and you released this just for me/us?!?! Thanks PM. Best... Christmas... Ever!

PM 20.04.2017 19:55

Updated to 1.7 at 2139 downloads. No changes beyond an apiVersion number update.

PM 08.03.2018 18:18

Updated to 1.8 beta 1 at 2438 downloads.

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