INVISiShip View Mod
Makes the Test ship invisible (and blocks all weapon fire!)
Categories Ship (Player)
Author Atlas
Rating 4   0
Added (Last modified) 21.10.2010 (21.10.2010)
Game Version 1.03
Filesize 15.17 KB
Downloads 727
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sdw195 21.10.2010 20:56

interesting atlas, did you realize that it also stops weapon fire from hitting the ship

Atlas 22.10.2010 18:23

huh... thats cool!

Avalon4 26.10.2010 22:30

Wow! I had always wanted something like this... Now I can try out a game using only autons WITHOUT having to sit there looking stupid with 5 charons shooting at me after my drones were destroyed... Trying to call up more of them...

Shall download!

bigvan 01.12.2010 02:33

nice! why is it alway invisible?

mistere 12.10.2011 21:22

@bigvan Because.

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