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This mod is still in development.

**Overwrites all asteroids and some other various vanilla resources**

With this mod, asteroids will look different if they contain any items and switch to a 3rd variant after all ore has been extracted.

Additionally, ore will be collected automatically so you never have to fumble through all those dockscreens.

The mechanics have been rewritten so ANY weapon can extract ore, but the dedicated mining weapons are better.

WARNING - This mod is very unbalanced at the moment and is available as a proof-of-concept.
Categories Mining
Author Prophet
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Added (Last modified) 09.10.2010 (09.10.2010)
Game Version 1.03
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SiaFu 14.10.2010 14:47

This is the way I wished mining would be like when I started playing Transcendence.

I'd reserve the autocollect ability strictily for +Mining cargo holds, though.

Star Weaver 09.11.2010 17:41

I love this. The state-based graphics really help. I love getting in a firefight in a asteriod field and having a few random nuggets appear due to stray fire -- even the enemies' shots. I hardly touched mining without this because it felt so cumbersome. It's nice to know I can go extract a little ore with whatever weapon I have (possibly firing on autopilot for a moment) for when I need just a little more money and there's nothing left to do, and regular mining is more fun too.

It automatically works with the Mining Charges mod because that just makes a weapon hit for you to check against, which I think is really elegant overall :).

I don't think the everything autocollects is OP, though, because when you get a mining hold you can suddenly autocollect from farther away at higher speed, and without it's much more finicky.

The only thing I really want to change is the worthless rock. It's just annoying and cluttering (it's fun to put it in random ships and use the scuttle mod, but...), I think I'd just rather not get anything than that. (I might go tweak it to spam everything you pick up to the screen and just tell you "you ignored 5 hunks of worthless rock", for myself.)

Oh, and there are a few asteroids with slight mask or image frame off-by-one errors, which become obvious only when you're near the sun.

IceMephit 29.05.2011 20:49

I am using it and loving it. However, at this time it gives out way too much ore per system. Plasteel and Uranium at around 700 tons just in Eridani playing 1.05. And 'd'ocking with ore at the same time as the ship picks the ore causes the game to crash. Other than those two issues, this mod is how mining should be from now on!!!!!

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