The Weapon View Mod
Sends whatever it hits to Elysium.
Just don't use it on the ICS :)

Think it sounds silly?

don't worry it is :)

(thanks to Prophet for the weapon effect)

Update at 17 downloads,
Ships now show up in Elysium and they WILL attack you
Categories Godmod, Developers Vault, Weapon
Author sdw195
Rating 9   1
Added (Last modified) 08.10.2010 (11.10.2010)
Game Version 1.03
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Downloads 1081
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Shrike 08.10.2010 05:11

Is it just me, or does this make halo gems a rather more scary gamble than usual?

digdug 09.10.2010 00:18

ships disappear, but they don't really appear in Elysium... for now. :D

sdw195 11.10.2010 04:29

Reuploaded at 17 downloads

StealthX 13.10.2010 10:34

Can I use this to transport cargo containers ejected from our ships to Elysium?

sdw195 13.10.2010 21:12

no, sorry, this only works for ships

darkheart 16.10.2010 05:42

I zapped like 30 something friendly ships with this weapon, used a halo gem later in the game, and they were nowhere to be found. Is there an explanation to this?

sdw195 16.10.2010 06:41

did you have the update??

mistere 13.10.2011 03:09

Hehe - sweet

TranscendentGeek 15.03.2012 08:46

uptick just for the idea amusement factor

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