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Screenshot My first mod, essentially done!

Reuploaded at 200 downloads, should be more balanced. If there's anything that feels really out of whack, comment or PM me on the forums

Reuploaded at 338. Added 2 shields (with a nice toggle effect), 2 ammunition boxes for missiles, another armor, an enhancer, and put in the higher-end dealer for late game purchases!

Also did some visual tweaks with a couple weapons, and some name changes (not UNIDs, no worries).

Changed some damage values, weights, monetary values and rarity of a few items that were way out of whack with other things.

Lemme know if I missed something!

Reupped (again!) at 346...

Sorry, completely realized it was a late night when I was rebalancing and had botched some numbers. The level 5-8 armors may be a little OP now, but I think it's better than ridiculously overexpensive for 1 or 2 levels lower of HP.
Categories Weapon, Usable, Shield,
Station, Armor
Author Wurmish
Rating 5   0
Added (Last modified) 25.09.2010 (03.04.2012)
Game Version 1.08b
Filesize 8 KB
Downloads 2508
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WillyTheSquid 25.01.2012 01:45

Can't believe no one's upvoted this one yet. Like this one, adds some spice to the early-mid game.

DarkCherub 17.02.2012 12:19

Actually i kind of like this mod. Well done

sdw195 29.03.2012 04:24

@Willy no one upvoted it cause you couldn't vote for things when this was first released :P

WillyTheSquid 02.04.2012 08:11

Dig the new release.

Alfael X 11.10.2012 09:34

Dude, thank you for making such awesome weaponry man! Man I just hope you can make even more awesome mods ok?

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