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Screenshot This adds a series of ore scanning devices. When the player flies near an asteroid it is marked with either a red x or a green one accompanied by a sonar-like ping noise, depending on if it has ore.
The red x will go away shortly and not show up again if that asteroid has been scanned before, but the green x and ping will repeat every second until the ore is gone or that asteroid has been determined to be a false positive.
There are 5 scanners, from a mark 1 to a mark 5, each higher level scanner is more effective.
They will not detect all the asteroids with ore, and will occasionally produce a false positive detection.
Categories Mining, Quality approved, Newbie Boosts
Author Bobby
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Added (Last modified) 07.09.2010 (07.09.2010)
Game Version 0.99c
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CFG 30.09.2010 00:16

your scanners are a great mining help. It really speeds things up when you know which rocks to shoot.

However: I found two minor flaws

- the scanners even work when disabled (1.03 compatibility?)

- you can have installed more than once scanner at the same time.

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