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Screenshot The one armed bandits have overrun transcendence!!

Replaces (overwrites) the hotel and adds a casino to it where you can play slots!

Place your bet and spin the wheel to rake in the big money!
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Author Prophet
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Added (Last modified) 18.08.2010 (18.08.2010)
Game Version 1.02
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Azar Wolf 18.08.2010 05:15

Wow, that's cool! :D

*wants to see the script*

StealthX 19.08.2010 00:44

But the house always win,right heh heh

Darth Saber 19.08.2010 22:09

Okay Prophet, can you tie this in with the Vegas computer system? I know some compulsive gamblers who would be glad to pay you a percentage of the take...

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