Alex's CSC View Mod
Hideously overcomplicated CSC playership. Includes use of "s" key to access dockscreens, but includes link to standard ship interior for external interface. It is far more user friendly than a useable virtual item. You may equip and order around a fleet of 8 centurions, and upgrade your own weaponry. Obviously it's overpowered.

There's a slim chance there is a crash bug, but I've only seen it once and never managed to repeat it.

Installing a new shield from one of your centurions will lose the old one... You have to uninstall it first.

Would be interesting to implement this into the antarctica storyline somehow, but I'll wait for more documentation on "plychangeship".
Categories Ship (Player)
Author alex
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Added (Last modified) 23.07.2010 (23.07.2010)
Game Version 1.02
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Darth Saber 30.07.2010 17:55

Alex, your mod is wonderful; as to being over powered, that's a given. After all, it is a battleship - inside a war zone. Thus it is entitled to use advanced weapons. War is not fought today with bows & arrows...

Delta3 31.07.2011 02:00

The best mod ever!

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