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Screenshot Well new old ship, hope it looks close enough to the original flying arrow.
I even got the pew pew sound for the laser.
Categories Quality approved, Graphics, Ship (Player)
Author Vizth
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Added (Last modified) 23.07.2010 (23.07.2010)
Game Version 1.02
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bimbel 27.07.2010 23:16

Totally love it :)

*pew pew*

Androgeos 26.08.2010 15:52

It's brilliant! I'm currently flying it on a non-cheat run and I love it. The thrust and turn ratio of this ship means that it can make a near-perfect circle if you jam down the thrust and turn keys.

This also works on 1.01, by the way.

Branden 14.01.2011 18:17

Duplicate unid.

<Image imageID="&unidasteroidship

<ShipClass UNID="&unidasteroidship

Branden 14.01.2011 18:23

Correction to my above comment...

The duplicate unid issue is not limited to the image and shipclass unids; there appears to be a unid issue with the pewpew sound thing also.. "0xD6428302" Solution for the image thing.. change the &unidasteroidship in the image id tag to &unidasteroidshipim (should be several changes needed), then for the pewpew issue just locate one of the pewpew entities and change its number thinger to a random number. I changed..

<!ENTITY rspewpewgfx "0xD6428302"> to <!ENTITY rspewpewgfx "0xD6428309"> After those changes, trans started successfully.

Vizth 09.06.2011 13:54

i dont know why, but most of my ships are doing this now. not in a position to update them really atm either.

digdug 09.06.2011 18:17

Vizth, graphics or sound resources UNID requirements are now more strict in the latest versions of Transcendence. It's just a matter of giving unique UNIDs to all the entities of the mod, and it should be fixed.

Vizth 20.06.2011 22:12

ya i've been working on it. job corps has been keeping me too busy / ill to do much for modding.

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