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Screenshot SFStations v0.92: Overrides station definitions introducing new graphics instead of those identical to Commonwealth colony/Dry dock; Corporate Arms dealer/Armor dealer

For 1.01: unzip into your Extensions folder
For 1.02/1.03: both versions' XMLs are in the 'SFSpaceStations v092 1_02-1_03.zip', so do use only the right one as this affects missions, global variables etc...

v.092> Armor dealer added,corrected the Bushido/Makayev model swap
v.09> Rendered graphics for Commonwealth Agricultural and Colony armed (old one now Settlement). Added logos:Bushido, Makayev and Rasiermesser dealerships
v.08> New graphics for: Cmw. Agri, Colony Armed, DryDock and Fortress; Sapiens Comp. and Charon Korolov. More XML comments. v1.03 support
v0.6> Tinker collective graphic
v0.5> UNIDs changed to George's classification. 1.02 support. Extra comments for independent updating from sourcefiles. Junk removed. Bitmasks 2bit BMP
v0.4> 1st release
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Author SiaFu
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Added (Last modified) 19.07.2010 (10.10.2010)
Game Version 1.01
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Prophet 19.07.2010 15:09

Excellent job, I look forward to seeing these in game!

digdug 19.07.2010 19:13

Looks great! good job :D

Atarlost 19.07.2010 22:08

You missed the special residential in Eridani. Otherwise a much needed visual distinction.

alterecco 19.07.2010 23:15

Heh. This is a great idea SiaFu. Well done!

SiaFu 20.07.2010 09:36

Thanks for the feedback. The special residential was left unchanged on purpose as it (along with Tinkers and Commonwealth colonies) has a use. This change is primarily to identify residential duds and differentiate colony shops from med shops.

I'm currently thinking about doing the Tinkers as well, but they have a whole separate XML with lots of spoilerific data that should perhaps be left alone. What do you guys think?

Azar Wolf 21.07.2010 03:36

I don't think personally the data is that spoileriffic; it only shows what you can give them and what they will give you, if I remember correctly.

digdug 27.07.2010 23:06

great update SiaFu

IceMephit 30.07.2010 22:09

excellent work!!! thank you!!!

SiaFu 31.08.2010 20:00

I've uploaded 0.8 and added the Commonwealth Outpost, Armed using the Hexphase plating graphics from the big station. Enjoy.

FYI: You don't have to start a new game to use this mod (but I ran out of space in the description to mention this).

CFG 07.09.2010 14:38

This was needed. I hate it having to dock with a station just to find out what it is...

SiaFu 28.09.2010 15:09

Uploaded v0.9 at 325 downloads. Added new content and some old graphics and descriptions were updated.

SiaFu 10.10.2010 16:11

Uploaded v0.92 at 364 downloads. Corrected the Bushido-Makayev swap introduced in the last update and added the Armor Dealer

Azmond 03.11.2010 00:41

AWSOME MOD though it might cause an error if you have both on it... have you tried placing the two mods in a single folder that makes both or one mod chooseble?

Azmond 03.11.2010 00:45

Whoops... again... um what i mean by: "if you have both" i mean the stellfer labs and this mod lol

SiaFu 08.11.2010 19:35

Don't download this if you already have StelliFer, as that is an in-development modpack and includes the latest version of both this and the Stargate Dock'n'Go (some nomenclature was updated).

SiaFu 08.11.2010 19:38

BTW, this mod defaults to the official release which is still 1.01 and StelliFer is intended for 1.03.

There are differences in the code, and both mods override quite a lot along with the graphics (but change nothing else if you use the proper version).

WillyTheSquid 21.03.2012 14:34

Freaking awesome mod. Looks so much better. But yes, watch out for overrides.

Pixelfck 13.05.2014 17:14

This mod has been 'repaired' and is now compatible with version 1.3b1.

See: http://xelerus.de/index.php?s=mod&id=1398

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