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Adds a pair of weapons that work like the IM-90 ion blaster weapon; three omni beams capable of hitting multiple targets. The choice between upgrading your freighter to one of these (Which are useful against current enemies) or to a higher level omni variant (which are better against later enemies) (IM laser vs. omni turbo or IM particle vs. omni tev9) is an interesting choice.

Originally balanced for 1.0 RC3, the mod currently requires at least 1.0 RC8. Pending review, it may be tweaked for balance with 1.01 or not.
Categories Weapon
Author Azar Wolf
Rating 1   0
Added (Last modified) 16.07.2010 (16.07.2010)
Game Version 1.01
Filesize 839 B
Downloads 1665
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Azar Wolf 16.07.2010 08:06

It appears that I'm going to have to rework this for 1.01's balance, because sometime after RC3 the armor HP's got shifted.

Don't download yet.

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