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Screenshot This is one of the TX2 modules: it adds:
A new centauri ship
New centauri encounters
Centauri Occupied Commonwealth stations will sell a few items as well as offer basic dock services.
A new centauri weapon

New version from 209 dl's contains a new ship, new weapon, new encounter table, balance tweaks, and a shield balance patch
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Ship (Enemy)
Author Azar Wolf
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Added (Last modified) 30.05.2010 (15.07.2010)
Game Version 1.01
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Azar Wolf 30.05.2010 06:45

I decided to release this module of TX2 as a publicly available teaser because it is one of the smallest ones - larger, more complex, and thus more likely to be buggy ones will require participation in TX2's pre-alpha and alphas [semi-public, registration is required @ forums.devdb.org; see the board "Avan's Projects"]

Azar Wolf 30.05.2010 06:51

Screenshot is of the new ship, the centauri light raider

Azar Wolf 31.05.2010 06:36

Feedback would be very much welcome!

I may make some minor tweaks to this tomorrow regarding the light raider's armor.

Azar Wolf 31.05.2010 08:07

I just checked; it should be fine - no update will be needed unless people find the new ship too hard

ptbptb 31.05.2010 11:51

The Centauri light raider seems well balanced to me. It's nice having a bit more variety. I haven't noticed any new centauri encounters yet, but I haven't played that long.

Did you reduce the encounter rate for Centauri Heavy raiders? I don't seem to be bumping into them as often.

Azar Wolf 31.05.2010 15:09

Not for heavy raiders; only light raiders.

.... Ok, turns out [seeing as I havn't played the wolfen in AGES, since like... ages ago], that the centauri are actually utterly ineffectual vs. the wolfen's shields. It's a balance problem stemming from george's balance, seeing as I merely assumed his balancing was correct.

Solutions are currently pending discussion with Atarlost, so stay tuned!

Azar Wolf 31.05.2010 16:41

updated at 27 downloads

Azar Wolf 31.05.2010 16:43

New version increases light raider's speed and maneuverability, fixes mask issue, and slightly increases it's damage

Azar Wolf 31.05.2010 20:13

Will soon be updated with the centauri monitor and a new weapon

ptbptb 01.06.2010 12:47

I'm looking forward to the monitor.

ptbptb 05.06.2010 18:28

How about (very small) bounties on Centauri ships killed? (Bounty can be claimed at Commonwealth Stations, or some such).

Azar Wolf 06.06.2010 01:52

Sort of like how the eridani stations at the beginning give you the bounty for the station?

ptbptb 06.06.2010 16:14

I was thinking of something like

a) 'OnDestroy' event of Centauri ships increment variable on player ship (if destroyed by player).

b) When docking at Commonwealth station a message like "Your ship logs confirm you have destroyed X Centauri ships. A bounty payment of Y is authorised for your services to system security."

Azar Wolf 11.07.2010 21:20

sdw195 is working on a mod-mod that does that; I don't know it current status though at the moment

sdw195 13.07.2010 05:28

its waiting for wolfy to put the centauri monitor in this :)

Azar Wolf 13.07.2010 05:53

oh yeah, I'll get that uploaded tonight then

Azar Wolf 13.07.2010 15:00

well, i'll do it today then, didn't have time last night

Azar Wolf 15.07.2010 23:15

Ok, uploading at 209 downloads (currently in progress, hold on till my next comment)

Azar Wolf 15.07.2010 23:25

Ok, reuploaded at 209 downloads!

TheNewKid 23.04.2011 07:13

This mod is very good. But I like to know what is TX2? There is a mod in this forum called TX2 St.K. And, if TX2 is a game, I want to know where to download it. Thanks

Star Weaver 18.05.2012 21:23

TX2 was an old name for Wolfy's concept-stage (?) Uber-Mod "The Stars Beyond"

WillyTheSquid 15.06.2012 10:31

The 2 new Centauri ships in this mod are also included in WE (Weapona Extented) from version 4 onwards.

sandlike 18.08.2012 04:16

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Peter 19.05.2014 10:08

1669 downloads and only two up-votes? This is a great mod! Up-vote it guys! *upvote*

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