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This mod contains three devices which get installed in your launcher slot and allows you to strafe, reverse and use extra thrust.
The fourth device is a missile avoidance system, based on the ICX but instead, will fire thrusters to move the ship out of the path of the incoming missiles.
Due to limitations of the code, if you are traveling at max speed the thrusters will not fire so firing (left) until you hit max speed and then (right) will do nothing. You must brake at least a little first.
This is to avoid the thrusters allowing you to exceed your ship's max speed (very funny when I was testing it!)

Updated: June 2nd/10 @ 36 DLs
-Added afterburner
-removed ammo dependency
-Increased level, cost, etc. for balance.
-Added missile avoidance thrusters (ICX-like device)
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Author Prophet
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Added (Last modified) 26.05.2010 (03.06.2010)
Game Version 1.01
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101hebat 11.03.2011 07:09

its work for 1.04?

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