Stellar cartography View Mod
Screenshot Tired of getting lost? Not sure which gate leads to the core?
Stellar Cartography can help!
Progress is tracked automatically as you explore the galaxy and is easily accessible to help you navigate the cosmos.
If you manage to find a jumpdrive travel is made even easier! (not a guarantee) :P
Categories Systems and Topology, Quality approved
Author Prophet
Rating 6   0
Added (Last modified) 11.05.2010 (11.05.2010)
Game Version 1.01
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alterecco 11.05.2010 17:35

Top notch!

sdw195 13.05.2010 02:06


P.CUnniff 13.05.2010 03:17

I have a jumpdrive, but it doesn't seem to see it...?

Azar Wolf 13.05.2010 05:58

Will this work with non-linear topologies?

Prophet 13.05.2010 20:58

It will but the path displayed will be the same as a linear topo.

Little Modder... 13.06.2010 13:26

Looks like a space GPS... Very nice!

CFG 06.10.2010 13:48

you could add name and credits to the mod like:

"<TranscendenceExtension UNID="&newTopoUnid;" version="1.0" name="stellar cartography" credits="Prophet, ...">

So this mod identifies itself in the highscore...

Marcus 13.06.2011 16:22

Great addition! Now I don't get lost backtracking.

christian 16.01.2012 17:12

P.CUnniff 13.05.2010 03:17

I have a jumpdrive, but it doesn't seem to see it...?

I tested using the Transpace jump Drive and don't work...

Peter 20.05.2014 23:59

What is repica uhren? To me it just seems like a blank site with hundreds of adds...

digdug 21.05.2014 00:09

it is a spammer website, I thought that I eradicated it long time ago, but it seems that I missed a few.

Peter 21.05.2014 21:19

Oh ok. I was wondering...

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