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Auto mining device!
That's right, I've taken all the fun out of drifting through asteroid fields on autopilot shooting aimlessly yet again.
This pack contains two devices which will automatically scan asteroids, and shoot the ore right out of them. Don't have a miner's hold? No problem! The devices are equipped with their own grapplers, all you need to do is hold your ship close enough. The equipment is quite bulky so it will take up 2 slots and is rather heavy.
Categories Quality approved, Misc, Mining
Author Prophet
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Added (Last modified) 04.05.2010 (04.05.2010)
Game Version 1.01
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digdug 07.05.2010 15:48

pro-mods as always Prophet ! quality and featured!

jeremm 24.06.2010 12:11

wait how do you get it to work?

you have to use it right?

what is the range? (of grappler n scanner range)

CFG 06.08.2010 14:15

These two devices put the fun back in large scale mining :D

Mining huge asteroid belts is no more fun later in the game. Now just float slowly through the belt and collect the ore.

Too bad Im just flyin my "small" firefly transport and run out of cargo space and mule autons fast :D

One minor thing: If the "ultra mining device" is disabled due to insufficient power, it says "ultra miner poweruse2" disabled...

CFG 12.08.2010 18:46

Im tempted to call at least the "ultra auto miner" balanced, I didnt try the other one yet:

You get a pretty comfortable "all inclusive mining solution" :D - but pay for that extra comfort with an extreme fuel usage - youll have to disable any other device with a 100 MW reactor to use it, for example...

So better get some solar armor or solar panel array first ;)

StealthX 19.08.2010 00:46

solar armor? solar panel array? Gee, those are pretty slow. Bussard devices are better. But what you really need is a solar furnace.

CFG 07.09.2010 15:19

The part I dont like is that you have basically two devices installed:

One with zero power usage and the virtual device which represents the active auto miner...

The "poweruse1/2" devices also show up in the highscore and I dont see the point why you would need to "install", "enable" and "use" it... Isnt "install" and "enable" enough to use these?

TranscendentGeek 10.03.2012 05:43

Could you please update this for 1.07a. It crashed my game after using it for a few minutes.

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