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Screenshot Pack of weapon icons to add more variety to the game instead of just using the generic gun and launcher icons.

Free to use for anyone that wants to use it.
Categories Quality approved, Graphics
Author Vizth
Rating 7   0
Added (Last modified) 20.04.2010 (21.04.2010)
Game Version 1.01
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Darth Saber 20.04.2010 17:50

Very nice graphics, Vizth; well done.

Vizth 20.04.2010 18:07


fettster 10.06.2010 07:46

hey Vizth! hey i downloaded your mod but i cant get it to work! your readme says something about adding unid and xml lines i dont know how to do that. could you please help me?

sdw195 10.06.2010 09:33

fettster this is not a mod, it is only graphics (it will not give the games weapons new icons)

SiaFu 16.07.2010 13:00

Nice work. Just one note on integrating it in mods: the image file definition misses the backcolor definition. It should be:

Image UNID="&rsweapons;" bitmap="Weapons\GunsComplete.jpg" bitmask="Weapons\GunsCompleteA.bmp" backColor="0x00000000" loadOnUse="true"

Without it, there is no icon for disabled equipped weapons.

Azar Wolf 16.07.2010 15:59

Actually, it should work fine with just the bitmask... For some reason the bitmask does not seem to be working in this case. not sure why.

jwac4ever 17.07.2010 10:49

I am sorry for my ignorance, but how do i make this work? I do not know what the image UNID is or what lines to add to the xml file.

Azar Wolf 18.07.2010 00:07

@jwac4ever; You need to assign it a UNID, using a UNID from your own UNID range (register it on the forums in the UNID thread). Come on to our IRC or forums and we can help you a bit more specifically with whatever issues you're encountering.


sandlike 18.08.2012 04:16

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