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Screenshot Large size capital ship with 40 rotations.
Categories Graphics, Quality approved
Author Psycholis
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Added (Last modified) 10.03.2010 (10.03.2010)
Game Version 1.0 RC8
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Xephyr 12.03.2010 22:47

This would probably look better scaled down; if you were to have more polygons, then it would look better at its current size.

Just a thought.

Atarlost 13.03.2010 22:50

The poly count isn't the problem. The problem is that he's using a CAD/CAM program not a graphics program. There are no shadows and I think no textures. Put the same model in a better render engine and it'd look fine.

Xephyr 13.03.2010 23:31

Looking again, you're right. Next time I'll be sure to take a closer look.

As well, the bright colours don't fit in well, though I'm sure it would look great with some proper textures.

Psycholis 22.03.2010 23:12

looking into a better renderer that works with solidworks files. my license is about to expire soon, so i might switch to something more ship friendly (and more importantly, free)

digdug 23.03.2010 01:39

keep up the good work Psycholis, your ships are awesome :D

Razor43 29.05.2011 11:51

Hey guys I'm new to this and I got transcendence just a while ago and I want to get help making my own mods

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