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This weapon is for hookoa who came up with the idea for it and Shrike, whose gunpod I used as a rough template.
This 'weapon' is a crate that can be auto attached externally to your ship as a launcher. It can only be used once and then it will auto uninstall and remove itself.
It does decent blast damage for a level 2 weapon and should appear quite often but it's not worth much and is highly illegal.
It's not yet balanced but the main functionality is coded.

Updated: Mar 23,2010 @ 14 DLs
-Changed to my UNID
-changed explosion to an area affect
Categories Weapon
Author Prophet
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Added (Last modified) 07.03.2010 (23.03.2010)
Game Version 1.0
Filesize 1009 B
Downloads 1404
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Shrike 20.03.2010 01:54

Prophet, that's my you've set it up to clash with two of my mods. Please change it so it dunt clash, please. I'll tweak my ice shield to stop the same thing happening with you...but this just played merry hell with my mods. <_<

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