SZ-70 External Gun-Pod View Mod
"The SZ-70 may/will/might revolutionise mining freighters forever! The 300-shot disposable cannon can be bolted to your ship by just one man in a standard spacesuit, and doesn't count towards the weapons-limit on your hull! It also take up no devce slots! Isn't that EXCITING!!!!eleven!!!"

-Quote from the dealers salespeople

Experimental weapon by Shrike. Currently finished, except for possible tweaks that are not essential (I think)
Categories Weapon
Author Shrike
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Added (Last modified) 24.02.2010 (25.02.2010)
Game Version 1.0 RC8
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Shrike 24.02.2010 01:06

Re-uploaded to "Weapons". This is Version 3.

Shrike 24.02.2010 07:15

Changed damage to Blast to make it more powerful, raised it by a level. This is the last major change I can see....except adding WMD and the 1-only-per-ship blocker.

Shrike 25.02.2010 04:39

Minor bugfix update. I'm debating making a more powerful, military version.....hmmmm......

Dogma 26.03.2010 00:50

DO IT!...:3 everything needs a more powerful militarized version!

Jeoshua 26.03.2010 02:02

^ Truth

Shrike 01.04.2010 10:42

As you wish. The SZ-85A has been in development for a while. However I have yet to balance it. I'll release it now, methinks. :)

Shrike 01.04.2010 10:51

Bigger badder version of SZ-70 may be found here. Enjoy, and GIVE FEEDBACK PLEASE!

Shrike 03.07.2012 06:56

The SZ-70 and SZ-85 are to be replaced in an SM&M+ patch at some point.

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