Agauptera-class yacht View Mod
Screenshot "The Agauptera is an experiment in bio-mechanical hybrid systems. It's big for a yacht, and proves quite versatile, though lacking in luxury."

This ship was directly inspired by the Wyvera, see here:

What can it do?
. repair itself, slowly
. mark nearby stations on the map
. gather information on the targeted object*
. determine what type of threat enemy ships in the area pose (radiation, emp, etc)*^
. show a temporary graphical representation of all active nearby objects*^
. get "bored"

*ability must be learned
^shown in screenshot

It learns by "seeing" ships, and keeping a running count of how many, and of how many different types.

I want the ship to be balanced and bug free, if it's not let me know.
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Author Bobby
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Added (Last modified) 20.02.2010 (28.02.2010)
Game Version 1.0 RC8
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Azar Wolf 20.02.2010 22:07


hehe... I was planning on doing stuff like that (haven't released the scripts for those yet; those are only in the DV's (dev versions))... :D

Glad to see I inspired somebody.

Bobby 23.02.2010 06:03

Re-uploaded Feb 22, 2010 at 41 downloads: recolored the drive exhaust blue, see screenshot.

Bobby 24.02.2010 20:09

Re-uploaded again: Area scanning messages now makes use of plurals and better punctuation, "no weapon" catch added in addition to "no shields" for ship scanning, thumbs.db and unused image deleted from zip.

Bobby 28.02.2010 22:58

Re-uploaded again: Feb. 28, 2010, 65 downloads: minor punctuation fix, cortex can't be fried by ventari, "blips" used more (and more selectively):

. when a manual scan is initiated (cortex is used and nothing targeted)

. when a new station is found

. when enemies show up (enemy ships detected)

also: screenshot is outdated, the message would now be "Warning, cyberAttack."

Jeoshua 02.03.2010 03:53

Just tested this baby. Beautifully done, I must say. I'm still testing her out, and so far so good. No crashes, very balanced.

As an idea, is it possible to have her increase in manuverability as she gets more advanced? Or possibly to interface her with the new Total V.U.I.?

Dogma 26.03.2010 00:15

Me and my friend think your an amazing ship designer o.o; if you incur creators block and need a good concept we have thousands

Marcus 14.06.2011 00:08

I love the ship it's my favorite, the reason being is it simplifies button presses and gives you advance warning...although it is a smart arse!

FAD 20.08.2011 10:02

Another engenious and creative mod, Bobby. It's a pleasure to play. A green + and two thumbs up!

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