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New Shields
for George Moromisato's TRANSCENDENCE
by TheLastBrunnenG

Adds 30 new shield types to the game. Place these files in the extensions directory inside your Transcendence installation. These should work with any other mods that don't directly overwrite them.

Adds Light, Medium, and Heavy versions of many stock shields. Also adds several unique shields such as the Defense Grid and Pinpoint generators.

Thanks to George for an excellent game!

30 JAN 2010 - Initial release.
01 DEC 2011 - Many corrections and adjustments. Added unique shield types.
Categories Recommended Mods, Balance approved, Shield
Author TheLastBrunnenG
Rating 2   0
Added (Last modified) 30.01.2010 (09.12.2011)
Game Version 1.0 RC5
Filesize 5.41 KB
Downloads 3593
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WillyTheSquid 25.01.2012 17:18

A mainstay in my games since I started using mods. Risky when combined with WE4's enemy randomizer, though.

TheLastBrunnenG 11.06.2012 20:10

Thanks again! Another simple mod for which I need to eventually add custom graphics.

peter5930 05.09.2012 19:01

The light invincible-class deflector is a bit overpowered in the early game. It often shows up in Eridani, it's not very expensive and most early enemies can't put a dent in it, even in large groups.

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