Osaka Class Transport [In honor of Frontier 0.5] 1.1e View Mod
Screenshot ---=== This Mod is TMU version .94 enhanced! ===---
This ship first made its debut in George Moromisato's Frontier, the game that would one day bring Transcendence into creation.
Original ship and ship concept, ship selection screen image; George Moromisato
Re-created (in-game) graphics, xml; Wolfy (me)
Images included:
-Armor HUD images
-Shield HUD images
-Ship images (40 facings)
-Ship selection image/Xelerus Screenshot ((c) George Moromisato)
-TMU mod icon

-1.0 initial release
-1.1 changed point of rotation to be a little more centered.
-1.1a changed starting cargo mass to 75 to compensate for a bug in which Transcendence only adds 100 tons to cargo space
-1.1b Updated with some compatibility stuff for future version of TMU (.94/.93b+).
-1.1c Added credits list; req. 1.0RC8
-1.1d Now with a transparency-supporting bitmask, so it now has no jagged-borders
-1.1e Improvements for pre 1.04 versions of transcendence
Categories Quality approved, Graphics, Featured,
Ship (Player), Balance approved, Recommended Mods
Author Azar Wolf
Rating 7   0
Added (Last modified) 27.01.2010 (14.03.2011)
Game Version 1.05
Filesize 274.68 KB
Downloads 5794
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Jomn 27.01.2010 02:47

Yay! Great job Wolfy.

Shrike 27.01.2010 04:25

Woo! This thing is really fun to fly! :D

Azar Wolf 27.01.2010 05:13

I'm glad you guys are enjoying it (and I'm sure george would be too)! ^^ :D

Azar Wolf 27.01.2010 05:13

[glad that you are enjoying it, though I think he'd enjoy the ship as well, considering he DID make the original XD]

digdug 27.01.2010 11:02

very cool :D

Azar Wolf 27.01.2010 16:24

I will soon (this morning, or this evening) be uploading a new version that fixes the point of rotation slightly; this will get the exhaust image to line up better, and will make its turning appear more centered.

Azar Wolf 27.01.2010 17:02

It is now updated to 1.1

Darth Saber 27.01.2010 18:45

I love the look of this ship; great job Wolfy!

Blitz 27.01.2010 19:16

Nice ship. Love it, but "" ?

Azar Wolf 28.01.2010 01:01

Yeah, I know about the filename... Xelerus doesn't update mod name changes to the file name.

Blitz 28.01.2010 08:48

I vote to have this balance approved too.

Blitz 28.01.2010 17:34

You can't have more than 170 tons (70+100 = 170) and can never reach the maximum of 175 tons. Fix?

Azar Wolf 29.01.2010 00:26

That's interesting... I never knew it got capped like that... I think I will ask george about it. I'll release a temporary patch later.

Azar Wolf 29.01.2010 00:52

Patched to 1.1a at 62 downloads

Azar Wolf 29.01.2010 03:40

Re-patched to 1.1a (The real 1.1a) at 72 downloads

Azar Wolf 04.02.2010 01:15

Updated to 1.1b at 117 downloads. Update NOT NECESSARY, but recommended [no conflicts with changing, and adds some TMU functionality for future version of TMU]

Shrike 11.03.2010 08:08

This is one of the best ships I've used.....put a Hanzo+225% on it, and it's INSANE.

Azar Wolf 14.03.2010 18:05


I think a Hanzo+225% is pretty insane already!


Azar Wolf 29.05.2010 23:09

Updated to Osaka playership 1.1c: now requires Transcendence RC8

Azar Wolf 29.05.2010 23:09

(RC8 at least; works with newer versions too)

Azar Wolf 14.03.2011 19:54

Updated to version 1.1d at 1447 downloads!

Minimum version of Transcendence required: 1.0 RC8

Azar Wolf 14.03.2011 20:03

Updated to version 1.1e at 1447 downloads

Minimum version of Transcendence required: 1.0 RC8

Azar Wolf 24.03.2011 23:40

Due to a bug in versions of Transcendence less than 1.02, I will not be supporting this mod for pre 1.05 versions of transcendence.

I will be uploading a new version shortly with appropriate version string tweaks.

WillyTheSquid 25.01.2012 01:25

Virtually perfectly balanced ship. Looks good, plays good. Acceleration is significantly better than the freighter's, and the Osaka turns more quickly.

Slightly weak during the early game; starts with a very nice shield (same as the Wolfen), but paper armor and an underpowered main weapon. Recommend.

WillyTheSquid 09.02.2012 20:33

!!! Just found this out:

This playership has way better scanner range than virtually every other playership, vanilla or not. Using a Targeting ROM, you can pinpoint enemies from 2-3 screens away. Incredibly useful for targeting enemies from far away and for finding wrecks/crates. This discovery has cemented this ship as one of the best playerships available, in my opinion.

sandlike 18.08.2012 04:17

repica uhren

Zeratos 10.03.2014 20:04

hey didn't someone clone this modand rename it the overlord mod

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