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What I thought about the Rigel Aurelis Battle Arena is that when you defeat the Slicer, there really isn't much of a reward. So I added a new wingman for that. He too is fellow gladiator. This mod requires the UGWingman v2.3 by Bobby. Enjoy!

EDIT: Sorry about the error those 19 people who downloaded, please download again with a fixed version.
Categories Ship (Friendly)
Author Jomn
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Added (Last modified) 19.01.2010 (21.01.2010)
Game Version 1.0 RC4
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sdw195 20.01.2010 23:20


line (34) invadlid entity:dswingman

Anakey 20.01.2010 23:23

i get the same error as sdw195

Bobby 20.01.2010 23:30

I got it to load by adding the following with the other entities:

<!ENTITY dsWingman "0xD211ce39">

Jomn 21.01.2010 02:51

Oh, sorry about that, wasn't sure if I was supposed to add it. Oh well! I'll re-upload it.

digdug 21.01.2010 13:17

so, is this been fixed ?

Jomn 21.01.2010 22:26

Yes, I added the thing that Bobby said to add.

sdw195 11.02.2010 23:45

can you delete the bm station out of the xml

it makes it so that you cant install there cargo hold

Delta3 02.08.2011 02:00

Does this work with UGWingman v2.3?

Delta3 02.08.2011 02:01

I mean UGWingman v3 rc4?

Delta3 02.08.2011 02:01

I mean UGWingman v3 rc4?

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