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Just what it says. A little mod to remove those pesky docking ports from the Nav Beacons.

Update: Due to popular demand, re-implemented non-dockable Commonwealth Defense Turrets.
Categories Recommended Mods, Obsolete, Newbie Boosts,
Balance approved, Station, UI Enhancements
Author PKodon
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Added (Last modified) 09.01.2010 (31.01.2010)
Game Version 1.0 RC6
Filesize 755 B
Downloads 4386
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Branden 09.01.2010 06:33

thanks for uploading it since i was too lazy to make it my self ;)

PKodon 29.01.2010 03:04

I had the Commonwealth Defense Turret included in here, but then did not know if they could be targeted by enemy ships if they did not have docking ports. If, in practice, they prove to be targetable by enemy ships, I will put the code back in.

Dogma 26.03.2010 00:34

...thank you..>_> thou art my savior

IceMephit 26.07.2010 03:31

this mod is one of my favorites. it makes docking easier without targeting program installed. thank you.

Star Weaver 09.11.2010 16:54

This didn't seem very important when I first saw it, but then I started feeling the absurd radius of the ones next to Starton. They really need a NonTargetDockRadius tag, until then, this is wonderful :).

Matt 22.08.2011 05:53

Is there a version of this for 1.01 and up ?

WillyTheSquid 21.03.2012 15:33

This one works flawlessly for me in 1.08b

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