Souped Up Salvager Nomad Store - Fixed View Mod
The "Souped Up Salvager Nomad Store" was originally designed by DOSBox-gamer, and was last revised on October 29, 2008. There was however, a unid conflict between the two xmls included in the archive: the unid for the IFX blaster was included in the main xml, but without the code, as well as in its own xml, with the code. This caused a crash every time I started Transcendence (RC 4). I resolved this conflict by incorporating the IFX blaster weapopn codes into the Souped Up Salvager Nomad Store's xml. Thus the same desired end is realized, without the system needlessly crashing. {:-)
Categories Ship (Friendly)
Author Darth Saber
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Added (Last modified) 07.01.2010 (07.01.2010)
Game Version 0.99c
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Darth Saber 07.01.2010 21:41

Now then DosBoxGamer, if you would, please use the archive included here, and update your mod. Then this 'mod' can be deleted.

digdug 09.01.2010 02:55

darth saber, good job, however, did you ask dosboxgamer permission before uploading this ? and if so, what about just removing the previous broken version ?

Kurandra 02.07.2010 10:13

First off I want to ask if this mod works with 1.01 because that is what I'm using and it says the game version is 0.99c. Second i want to say the mod worked for 2 systems in my game but bugged out on the 4th system. I went to the nomad store and when I exited the buy and sell places I was sent to a blank dock screen. In other words the game crashed. I have not tested other systems after the 4th system, but I have recreated the sell screen crash. Hope this helps.

Kurandra 04.07.2010 04:12

The crash seems to happen if you enter the system and then go to the store. If you wait a while it seems to start working again.

Kurandra 05.07.2010 04:50

Another bug i discovered while playing.

Transcendence System Crash Unable to continue due to program error program state: updating object behavior obj class:CShip obj name: Salvager Nomad obj pointer: 9a331c8 CStandardShipAI Order: 10 m_State: 8 m_pDest:none mpTarget:none m_pNavPath:none game state: in game

It happened while on a Korlov mission. Again I am using Transcendence 1.01. Hope this helps. Other than the occasional crashes it is a great idea and it works great.

DOSBox-gamer 31.07.2010 14:01

Hello DarthSaber, I have never encountered this bug while playing and so did not know about it. I will take a look at the code, but if no one else has a problem, then that's fine (thanks for your concern, digdug, it is appreciated).

DOSBox-gamer 31.07.2010 14:07

The buy/sell bugs stem from trying to use station code in a mobile platform. At least, I reason that's what it is, cause when I dock with them, everything is for sale, including installed armor and devices. I know, weird. I am not updating this mod, per say, but I definitely working on a fix. You'll see... ;)

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