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This mod makes all stock ships playable, 156 total. It does not overwrite any vanilla Transcendence ships and should work with almost any other mod.
This was inspired by The Ship Guy's AllShips v1.4 mod. My version retains all possible original equipment and stats. I have not tried to balance these ships for a standard Eridani-starting game. Some will be underpowered "challenge" ships while some will be nearly god-ships, at least for the early systems.

Everything's here: Iocrym, CSCs, Autons, Arena ships, etc.

See README for a full list of notes.
Categories Ship (Player)
Author TheLastBrunnenG
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Added (Last modified) 01.01.2010 (07.06.2011)
Game Version 1.0 RC6
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Curudan 01.01.2010 17:45

Wow, this must have taken a lot of effort. Good work!

I've had a lot of fun playing with these ships, but I have noticed one slight problem.

The Centauri heavy raider will overload the reactor when you fire the heavy CLAW cannon.

digdug 01.01.2010 19:12

very good TheLastBrunnenG ! :D

TheLastBrunnenG 02.01.2010 05:01

digdug - thanks!

Curudan - thanks also! Many of the ships in vanilla RC3 come with random weapons, and the centauri heavy raider is one of them (IAVs are another group). If it spawns with the heavy CLAW instead of the regular CLAW, the stock reactor is too weak. I'll fix it as soon as I tear through RC4.

TheLastBrunnenG 07.01.2010 05:58

Re-uploaded a new version that makes all stock ships playable - 141 total.

Little Modder... 07.01.2010 07:43

Nice! Good work~!

Little Modder... 07.01.2010 07:46

Oups! I get an error!

Little Modder... 07.01.2010 07:46

Error parsing Extensions\NewPlayableStockShips-vol3 capital: Unable to parse NewPlayableStockShips-vol3 capital.xml: Line(2203): Invalid entity: tOmniTeV9BlasterB

digdug 07.01.2010 12:21

this is awesome ! finally a mod that makes all stock ships playable ! :D

Detron 07.01.2010 13:37


TheLastBrunnenG 07.01.2010 22:41

Good catch the playable Ventari Cruiser was missing an i. Will be fixed later tonight. Any other bugs, please let me know!

Blitz 08.01.2010 00:26

i missing in tomniparticlecannonB dragon slaver

TheLastBrunnenG 08.01.2010 20:08

8 January 2010, 2:00PM US Eastern time - uploaded a bugfix'd version. Fixed all errors listed above plus some non-fatal bugs in the weapons for mega-ships (CSCs primarily).

Lickothesupertoad 09.01.2010 17:39

im sorry to be a downer here but it wont work it keeps popping up wit other errors like unable to parse line 66 itIAV or light ceramic armor line 569 im working on fixing it if you dont mind im not reuploading it. i just wanted to know if i could work on and tell you wat happens anyways this is great help to by fixing

09.01.2010 18:33

i think i located the a bug it keeps saying that it is unable to parse line (66) RsIAVLight but the problem is there is nothing on line (66). i dont know wat to do.

Blitz 10.01.2010 02:16

Hmmm...i can't reproduce the problem - are you using any other extensions or have you modified any of the game files?

Lickothesupertoad 10.01.2010 19:10

i only have the the three ships i modified for personal use which is the Aquila, the xenophobe defender and the xeno fighter and coperate crusier. i re extracted it thinking mabye i did something wrong and it still wont let me play it i looked at the xml coding and its perfect i dont understand sorry to bother

digdug 10.01.2010 19:56

sounds like you did something with the RsIAVLight resource. Did you overwrite the original resource ? Did you change/overwrite the UNID of the ships ?

TheLastBrunnenG 11.01.2010 03:38

Just did a clean install of RC4, extracted the files in this download to an (empty) extensions diretory, and they loaded fine. Debug log is clean, no errors. One of your other mods may be conflicting, or maybe your IAVLight.jpg or IAVLightMask.bmp files are missing/corrupted.

Lickothesupertoad 12.01.2010 22:11

hmmm okay do you have any suggestions to fix it im totally lost on wat i need to do

Styro 18.01.2010 04:05

I am getting the same errors but I think I have figured out the problem. The version available for download on the official site is 0.99C, but you mention RC4. Is there a place where the RC4 version can be downloaded?

Blitz 18.01.2010 04:38

Hmm that'd explain it...RC4 is the latest release candidate for version 1.0 and the IAVLight.jpg is a new addition to version 1.0.

You, can download it here.

Watch the forums because RC5 is under production and should be released soon.

TheLastBrunnenG 19.01.2010 03:00

Thanks! That does explain the error. I hadn't tested it at all under .99C.

TheLastBrunnenG 11.02.2010 04:07

UPDATE 9-FEB-2010: Added a few more playable ships, including ships dropped from newer releases. Now 152 playable ships.

Ridho Akbar 30.06.2010 09:45

owh. why the all ship is good? can you tell me about him?

code99 18.07.2010 09:41

Hello, nice mod, i'm really enjoying this, or at least until i run out of fuel and the stations in early game say they don't have compatible fuel rods or something... How do i refuel with the more advanced reactors in early game ?

101hebat 27.03.2011 01:52

100% like!

Datal2 08.04.2011 00:51

Niiiiccceeeee !!!

(it's not matter that I hate them all)

The same mod is quite nice, yeah :)

Datal2 08.04.2011 00:51

Niiiiccceeeee !!!

(it's not matter that I hate them all)

The same mod is quite nice, yeah :)

TheLastBrunnenG 07.06.2011 04:12

Updated. Added 4 missing ships, now 156 total. Made some minor corrections. Tested and working with a clean install of 1.05.

TheLastBrunnenG 11.06.2012 20:01

Just checked: As of 1.08b, there have been no new ships introduced in vanilla Transcendence.

Peter 01.09.2013 05:32

This is my favourite mod!

Peter 15.05.2014 10:07

Hi, am I allowed to advertise? Because if you like player ships then look at the Hura Playership mod and upvote if you like it :D

Wolodymyr 18.10.2014 09:18


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