Hetep Battlecruiser View Mod
Screenshot Commissioned by the Egyptian's Star Navy, the Hetep Battle Cruiser is the latest edition to Aristar Industries' line of player ships.
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Author Darth Saber
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Added (Last modified) 21.12.2009 (21.12.2009)
Game Version 0.99c
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digdug 27.12.2009 01:31

darth saber, the problem with completely symmetrical ships is that you are not exactly sure of your facing unless you are firing your thrusters.

Darth Saber 30.12.2009 20:11

The picture which I used as my screen shot is slightly different than that which I used for the ship. In playing Transcendence with this ship, pay close attention to the middle of the Hetep. The middle is pumpkin colored, and has a brown arrow-like shape which points the way forward; it also slightly resembles a scarab, an insect revered by Egyptians. I tried to create the indicator in such a way as to not detract from the overall look of the ship.

Darth Saber 30.12.2009 20:12

Digdug, what do you think of the overall look of the ship? I tried to make a 2D ship appear more like a 3D one.

digdug 31.12.2009 15:09

much better, but it's still quite hard to recognize the facing of the ship.

Darth Saber 31.12.2009 18:28

What would you suggest?

Orthag 31.03.2011 00:15

i would recolor the spine on the side that faces forward. add like a cockpit.

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