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Screenshot "This is the civilian edition of the Praetorian-class which was originally designed to provide heavy missile support for the Commonwealth's Centurion-class gunships. While it does not inherently pack the same punch as military-grade ships, it nonetheless comes equipped with an omnidirectional turret, NAMI launcher and an array of Stiletto missiles. It is capable of keeping pace with Centurion wings, but lacks the agility of the gunships."

This ship has everything that a custom player ship could possibly need, including non-player ship versions that will fly around patrolling areas of space in the region where you might find a commonwealth fortress.

The ship has fairly limited potential and you will likely find it very difficult to use late game, although it gives you a fairly good start. Its only real redeeming quality is that it uses 5 armor segments.
Categories Ship (Player), Quality approved
Author Aeonic
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Added (Last modified) 25.11.2009 (08.12.2009)
Game Version 1.0 RC2
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digdug 25.11.2009 14:28

awesome! simply awesome ! :D

Atarlost 26.11.2009 22:59

What happened to the textures on the version you liked on the forum? ( ) This version looks much more like a toy than that version.

Aeonic 26.11.2009 23:08

The texture was changed to better match the Centurions.

Prophet 27.11.2009 15:29

Very nice.

You can tell just by the look of it that it means business!

Atarlost 30.11.2009 03:42

The new texture is too clean I think. The Centurion has some smudges that make it look like it's been in the field. The Praetor looks like it's never been used, much less shot at. I'd expect to see more damage than that just getting transfered from the factory to the carrier.

Atarlost 30.11.2009 03:46

Maybe mask the old texture with a gradient so it's strong at the front and weak at the back?

Aeonic 30.11.2009 05:51

If some patched armor would help I can add that in.

Aeonic 08.12.2009 03:01

The Praetorian is updated to reflect a more "damaged and repaired" look, so its not so clean. You'll only see this in the actual ship graphic, not the shield icon, ship selection screen, etc...

Detron 13.01.2010 13:33

digdug's wright...SIMPLY AWESOME

Shane Filomena 06.06.2011 05:59

Awesome!!!!!: I enjoy this ship!

WillyTheSquid 25.01.2012 00:22

It does seem limited, few slots. Why did you choose to make it like that? Is it for players who like a challenge?

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