Tractor Beam View Mod
Official release

Fully working tractor beam will paralyze targets once their shields are down and gradually draw the tractored ships to a position directly in front of your ship for easy disposal.
The release (press 'U' then 'R') now works as intended.

Also included is the repair cannon, which shoots small nano-colonies that will perform repairs on the most damaged armor segment on the ship that it hits without adding extra hitpoints.

Updated: May 22/10 - 103 DLs
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Author Prophet
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Added (Last modified) 21.11.2009 (22.05.2010)
Game Version 1.01
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Aeonic 21.11.2009 03:25

Won't this be bad to use for dragging freighters if it also damages the freighters that you drag? :P

Aeonic 22.11.2009 03:04

You know this would be a pretty nasty thing for a capital ship to have - not only can they blast the daylights out of you, but they can grab you with their tractor beam and prevent you from running away.

What happens if you get caught between two tractor beams?

digdug 22.11.2009 15:09

a phobos with a tractor beam would be nasty :D it would have the time to aim and fry you with the plasma cannon!

Aeonic 23.11.2009 23:01

Now I want to create a new sovereign that makes thorough use of tractor beams.

Iocrymdestroyer 25.11.2009 02:21

You mind if I use this in my Gravitron cannon?

Dogma 14.12.2009 23:18

wtf? game version is 1.0RC2? o.o whats that!? but could you make one compatible with 0.99c?

Dogma 15.12.2009 11:51

yeah XD im using RC2 now but whats this thing named in game? i cant find it at a trading post D=

Aeonic 15.12.2009 23:24

Just look in the XML. Its called "Tractor Beam", its level 8 so it'll be late game, and its very rare and military, so most stations won't even sell it. But you might find it in wrecks.

Bobby 15.12.2009 23:34

Trading posts won't let you order military goods, or specialty or illegal either I think.

Kenobi 14.11.2013 19:43

Hmmm... Bit of tinkering and I can get it in Eridani!

Kenobi 14.11.2013 19:54

Ok, bit of tinkering here... made it level 1 and common, but made it deal 0 damage... oh, and just 8 mw. Beginners version :D

With that Centauri Boss, I just grabbed him, dragged him back to commonwealth, and BAM! He got zapped by the police!

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