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Screenshot "The Starlight-class cruiser, manufactured by Infinity Aerospace. While ultimately an exploration vessel, this ship can be fitted to perform various roles. Because of its optimal cargo capacity, with proper upgrades it can easily perform the role of a freighter. Our more indulgent users may appreciate the ship's panoramic observation deck, making this ship a spectacular choice for pleasure cruisers. Deluxe models come equipped with a 180 degree adjustable turret located at the front of the vessel for superior defense from the dangers of space."

The Starlight is a full-blown custom player ship with everything that a custom player ship could possibly need. It also includes friendly variations of the same ship which you will see flying trade routes throughout the various systems.

Probably still needs some tweaking here and there, so do post any suggestions or complaints you have to be sure that I am aware of them and can update this ship as needed.
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Ship (Player)
Author Aeonic
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Added (Last modified) 18.11.2009 (08.12.2009)
Game Version 1.0 RC2
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Prophet 18.11.2009 00:54

I think I have a new favourite ship! Awesome job!

Aeonic 18.11.2009 07:10

What do you like about it?

Prophet 18.11.2009 10:33

It's a freighter with a 3rd weapon slot and it looks excellent. It almost looks like a precursor to a starfleet shuttle.

digdug 18.11.2009 12:30

looks awesome!

StealthX 19.11.2009 08:09

This is an awesome playership! The 3D texturing is very well done. Maybe Korokov should have some, eh? Would be nice to escort.

Aeonic 08.12.2009 06:41

The Starlight NPC ships now use wander instead of trade route AI, and they won't dock at Korolov stations and request escorts. Although I've considered making a version that does. Maybe later. Also fixed a bug where NPC Starlights had about a 5% chance of starting with dual turbolasers and a Solon shield generator, which wasn't the most effective combination.

Shane Filomena 09.11.2011 01:52

i enjoy this ship: it even has cup holders

WillyTheSquid 25.01.2012 00:45

Good addition. Exquisitely balanced between the freighter and the Stalwart/Sapphire. Relatively nimble and more customizable compared to the freighter. The ability to equip 3 weapons seals the deal for me, because it provides so many more options for the combat. Haven't used a freighter since downloading this one.

Respect for your shipmaking skills, Aeonic.

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