Holographic Stealth Device View Mod
Screenshot This is a device that uses overlays to make your ship look like an enemy ship, and changes your soverign to match.

It also uses the new <display> element for the dockscreen by which it is activated.

The device is useful for infiltrating enemy territory without being attacked, but in theory the gate spawners will still attack, I havn't tested beyond making sure it works as intended.

Both fundamental functions of the device require new features of 1.0 RC1.
Categories Misc, Quality approved
Author Bobby
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Added (Last modified) 06.11.2009 (24.06.2011)
Game Version 1.0 RC1
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Little Modder... 07.11.2009 19:57

COOL! original, cool idea! 10+

Branden 13.11.2009 20:07

Not cool idea, its an awesome idea; hrm wonder if it works; cant wait to test it!

Dogma 30.03.2010 23:14

testing it now on the full 1.00 release :3 seems and appears to be amazingtastic..

ninja7 23.02.2011 03:02

on 1.04 the unid was the same <!ENTITY ovTrader "0xD2113f09">

<!ENTITY rsHologramScreenLED "0xD2113f09">

Orthag 06.03.2011 01:47

why did i not notice this until now?

Shane Filomena 18.06.2011 09:09

I still like it: I rarely use it because sometimes the overlay does not go away and I could be flying around with a Drake ontop of my ship, but still do like it for sneaking around testing things or watching the game play itself so i can better understand the game.

derter10 24.06.2011 20:12

on 1.06 if got duplicate Unid d2113f09

Bobby 24.06.2011 23:49

Re-uploaded (681): Fixed the duplicate unid error.

sdw195 24.06.2011 23:57

why dont you change the version number if it works with 1.06?

Bobby 25.06.2011 05:17

Because RC1 is the minimum to make it work, and the version it was designed under.

sdw195 26.06.2011 02:07


mistere 23.09.2011 21:48


ronelm2000 30.05.2012 15:45

*blink* O.O Awesome.

Cimanyd 05.06.2012 07:23

I bought the device and wasn't sure if it would be worth the price, but... there was a system with a volcanic asteroid belt around the sun, and THREE Ventari Colonies in that belt. This let me mine in peace.

However I had the same problem Shane Filomena did, the Ventari Destroyer image stayed on my ship after I deactivated it. But, it looks like docking with anything makes the hologram "ineffective." Docking with something made it ineffective and then when I deactivated it the hologram stopped being over my ship, like it should.

If you have this problem try docking with something, not sure if that's what fixed it but it seemed to be.

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