Northwind Equipment Pack for 1.0 View Mod
3 launchers, 2 of them dual mode
a total of 18 types of ammo
19 other weapons, one of them dual mode
7 shields, one dual mode and another with an offensively useful activation
4 armors, 1 dual mode

A consumable shield recharger
A launcher enhancer
A shield enhancer (currently not generated because of bugs with enabling and disabling)
an auton

Several weapons now use new features. One weapon is now available only through a mission.

onFireWeapon in a launcher: nwiTrafalgarturret
multi-shot ammo weapon: nwiRepeatingBreacher
Dynamic FireRate: nwiMinigun
Dynamic Damage: nwiPlasmaCarronade
dual mode using onFireWeapon: nwiRanseur
Chained shots: nwiChainLightning
Variable transparency with onShieldDamage: nwiDirectionalShield
auto-recharge weapon using virtual ammo: Tesla Ion Howitzer

last edited Feb 15, 2010
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Author Atarlost
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Added (Last modified) 26.10.2009 (19.07.2010)
Game Version 1.0 RC6
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krazykid 26.10.2009 23:43

hey umm the hoop shield (I beleive is in this mod pack) is way to strong......

i was testing it and i blew up.... oh idk like 3 stations and all the surrounding ships

Azar Wolf 27.10.2009 04:37

what stations were they?

Atarlost 27.10.2009 21:40

The Verloren Hoop shield is a military device balanced against the Invincible class deflector, not a civilian device balanced against the s500 and Mammoth 25. It provides less than half the defence of the invincible against ion and thermo and compares even worse against earlier damage types. It will outperform the Yoroi S500 because of its higher regen rate and in extended battles will outperform the Mammoth 25. The offensive punch is a tradeoff for significantly weaker defense than the strongest competitor and anything you can take out easily with the shield shouldn't be a threat.

Atarlost 02.11.2009 04:15

New update. Previously this just updated some stuff to the new syntax. Now it actually uses some of the new features of 1.0.

Atarlost 03.11.2009 01:23

Fixed some textual errors. No actual gameplay changes.

Atarlost 11.11.2009 20:53

Some new stuff. Oh, and I actually ran a spellchecker on it finally.

Retroactive 26.11.2009 01:02

The gatling laser should heat up about half as fast as it does currently; it currently gets damaged just to make a burst sufficient to destroy a centauri station and its fighters. The Claymore is also missing a closing parenthesis in its name.

Retroactive 26.11.2009 01:09

Actually, all adjustable weapons are missing closing parentheses

Atarlost 26.11.2009 03:25

The parenthesis problem is something George introduced in RC1 or RC2. The closing parenthesis are present in the xml and show up properly in 0.99c. The gatling laser heats up as fast as it's supposed to. This is a deliberate balance decision. You should stop firing and let it cool off when it gets close to overheating. Maybe switch to another weapon until it cools down. You can install multiple gatling lasers and switch between them. They have seperate counters.

Atarlost 02.01.2010 07:54

Finally able to implement a meteorsteel missile. Also demonstrates the use of OnFireWeapon and a timer station to consume additional ammunition.

Blitz 18.01.2010 12:53

Are there any specific problems when using this mod in conjunction with digdug's Weapons Extended 3 mod? They both seem to load fine but I haven't done any further testing...

Blitz 18.01.2010 13:35

Disregard that last post - I just noticed that there's a northwind xml in the did I not notice that before? :i is idiot:

Blitz 21.01.2010 09:00

Hey, don't you think some of the shields are priced wrong? That alpha shield which protects against energy weapons is priced at 1760 credits!!! It's a level 5 shield. Some level 3 shields are more expensive than that...

Atarlost 21.01.2010 21:20

You're right. Shields were a lot cheaper in 0.99c when most of the shield prices were set.

Atarlost 02.02.2010 23:07

3 new weapons and many small balance changes

Atarlost 12.02.2010 20:31

Edited due to typos in some weapon definitions, incorrect balancing of capacitor weapons, and an error introduced into the dynamic firerate script when I decoupled fireratecounter from spinupcounter.

Atarlost 15.02.2010 19:54

The Feb 15 update doesn't change any stats, but fixes some issues with the AI. Several devices had onAIUpdate events that weren't working properly. Everything except the Plasma Carronade should now work. I think.

Atarlost 16.02.2010 04:23

The second Feb 15 update has yet another shield. Blame Betelgeuse for reminding me about the onShieldDamage event :p

Atarlost 12.06.2010 05:00

Do not use the Hoplon shield until further notice. It is bugged. I have a fix but am doing a test run and want to finish that before uploading. Should finish this weekend.

Atarlost 14.06.2010 06:41

The Hoplon is fixed, as is a bug in some of the missile launchers and some balance tweaks. Mjolnirs have been severely nerfed. Harrows and Scythes have had their fragment count reduced 40% and scythes do damage in bigger chunks that will penetrate resistances better. The Verloren Hoop has finally had its downside increased to make up for the changes to armor since its introduction. The Mangonel has been tweaked to do slightly less of its damage from lasers and more from thermo so it's not quite so overpowered if found early.

Atarlost 19.07.2010 21:53

This is probably the last update for this incarnation of the mod barring problems with the new additions. Further updates will start using 1.02 features, and 1.02 is less stable than 1.01 so it will be a new mod to preserve this mod's 1.01 compatibility.

Marcus 13.06.2011 16:21

Love the equipment, the hoop shield is awesome with its balance! Still figuring out how to use it's effectiveness.

Marcus 14.06.2011 00:00

Okay...the hoop shield is not so balanced, I shouldn't be able to hide in planets and take out so many bases and ships with this. You should set it up to where you can't use that shield when your hiding in planets.

Recup 05.01.2012 02:44

What do you mean of consumable shield recharger? it mean when player got attacked by enemy and make shield down, and i must buy consumable item to recharge shield? Too bad. Sorry for my bad English

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