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Screenshot Flagship of Commander Adama, the BSG was a Colombia-class battlestar commissioned to protect the Twelve Colonies of man from attacks by the Cylon Empire. This version comes with a lot of equipment, and the ability to produce squadrons of Starhound Viper Interceptors. The graphics from this version were gleaned from a website dedicated to the original series. I have done my best to create a mod worthy of the series; I hope that it will bring you pleasure. Comments desired...

Note: The mod was updated @ 1162 dls on 2-24-2011; it will now work with 1.0.4.
Categories Ship (Player)
Author Darth Saber
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Added (Last modified) 26.09.2009 (24.02.2011)
Game Version 0.99c
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chucktonica 26.09.2009 19:22

There is only one word with two syllables that describe this mod, AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sweetness, Saber, this is an awsome ship, you the bomb.

Darth Saber 28.09.2009 17:20

chucktonica: I am glad that you like the mod; I am now working on a playable Viper Interceptor; it should be ready soon...

Transcendence community: please try this mod and let me know how you like it.

Prophet 29.09.2009 15:05

I agree with chucktonia, AWESOME!

A little too strong, even without infinte Vipers. but who cares?

krazykid 04.10.2009 19:32

yeah this is along the lines of a god mod

i played it in battlezone with the ship number and lvl all the way up and pwned

a little too strong

chucktonica 30.10.2009 21:47

hey saber I was wrong digdug is the creator of those bsg ship mods or at least renderings, I am unable to contact him is there a way you can get him to release his galactica and pegasus, they beautiful mods if he has developed them as a mods those are the bsg ships we need on this site. thanks.

Azar Wolf 30.10.2009 23:49

Digdug only did the rendering: the models were created by someone else and released free.

chucktonica 31.10.2009 17:50

then can one take the renderings and make a ship mod? I know this seems like a stupid question but I am not a great modder and am still learning, so if digdug gave the renderings to someone could we make a pegasus and galactica that could fit the design of those renderings he did?

digdug 31.10.2009 19:38

i got the meshes around the internet, then I rendered them using bryce 5.5c (the only rendering program that i can use a little, and it's free)

digdug 31.10.2009 19:38

chucktonica, you should register to the forums, if you want to improve as a modder, that's the best way. :D

chucktonica 31.10.2009 21:45

hey digdug, have you yourself taken those renderings and modded them but just have not put them on here yet? I look at the forums alot but I usually at least to practice modding I look at other mods in the xml format and compare xml's and learn the order in which commands are entered, so if you were to least mod your art work for the galactica and pegasus I would really be grateful. Thank you in advance for what ever you decide, I bow to your modding genius.

Atarlost 31.10.2009 22:18

Actually, most of the modding discussion happens on IRC. The forum isn't nearly as active.

digdug 01.11.2009 00:49

simple, I'm going to make a mod from all those rendered ships. Darth Saber, Prophet and alterecco are contributing too. Then RC1 came out and the mod was halted/slowed. But don't worry, i'm gonna release all those ships :D

chucktonica 01.11.2009 01:00

Thank you very much digdug, your awsome!! and by the way your renderings are just flawlessly beautiful.

chucktonica 08.11.2009 22:07

hey digdug, since rc2 is out now you think you could at least throw out your galactica to us here on this amazing site, nothing better than having a groovy ship to test rc2.

digdug 09.11.2009 02:20

if I do that, I'll upload just the graphics, and because we are making an adventure extension out of all those ships, I prefer to wait and not release them until I have something playable. (and that means it will take a while)

Lickothesupertoad 03.01.2010 22:57

this ship is amazing but its too powerful due to the squadrons. but other than that i love it. great work on it1 :)

Lickothesupertoad 03.01.2010 23:01

Hey death saber im new at this im wanting to create a ship that would be a potential enemy but im so confused on how to make since im not really good at modding where do you get the pics for it and how do you do the codes for it like a general description cause i too want to contribute to this i love the ships you guys make i just feel there needs to be an enemy on this that would be challenging im sorry to ask

Darth Saber 05.01.2010 17:26

Lickothesupertoad: email me at, and I will try to help you.

Lickothesupertoad 06.01.2010 23:16

Thank you Darth i sent that e-mail i appreciate this

Recup 01.08.2010 03:21

Thank you. I very happy to look the Battlestar

Furis 15.02.2011 14:09

does not work with version 1.04

"Start logging session

Transcendence 1.04

Loading extension: Extensions\541_BattlestarGalactica\Battlestar Galactica

Duplicate UNID: d102408a

End logging session"

Darth Saber 18.02.2011 20:14

Hmmm, interesting. I will look into this and resolve the matter as soon as possible. Thanks, Furis.

Darth Saber 24.02.2011 19:54

Furis, the Battlestar Galactica has been renovated, and will now work with 1.0.4.

The problem arises due to code changes from .99c to 1.0. Under the old version, you did not have to have a separate unid for your playership resource; under the new code, you do. If you compare the original xml with this updated one, you will see the difference. Thank you for downloading.

paolob 11.05.2011 11:47

just TOO invincible!!!!!

81rd01 26.08.2011 09:51

This mod is awesome

I remember playing it when it first was out.

Delta3 26.09.2011 05:16

nice! Can you make the newer Battlestar Galactica?

firelancer409 04.04.2012 00:12

No offence, but do you think that this should be moved to godmod?

digdug 04.04.2012 14:12

well, it's definitely not balanced, but it's the battlestar galactica, it's a mod for fun.

Goliath56 05.05.2013 08:38

why do i keep getting these unknown image errors for all of the ships all of the erros appeared are like this

Starhound Viper-class Interceptor (d1024183): Unknown image: d1024192

plz i want to play this mod so bad

Darth Saber 31.07.2013 22:50

To answer you question Goliath56, I believe that this has to do with the version of Transcendence that you are using. Under Transcendence .99c, the mod worked, however the game engine has been significantly improved since then, and the mod cannot be played with versions after .99c without being modified to fit the mew format. Try using the older Trans .99c, until I can modify the mod. - Thanks!

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