Iocrym Fleet View Mod
This mod combines an enhanced Iocrym blocade with a couple exotic gadgets in an attempt to create a more tactically interesting boss fight.

The Energy Mine Generator uses fuel rods to create explosive mines.

The Gem of Nullification can be used to drop enemy shields.

Iocrym Patrol Ship uses a graphic by Darksider.
Categories Ship (Enemy), Obsolete, Devices,
Developers Vault, Usable, Weapon
Author Atarlost
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Added (Last modified) 10.08.2009 (18.08.2009)
Game Version 0.99c
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Atarlost 10.08.2009 03:42

The EMG has two problems. One is a rare crash bug I can't figure out. The other is that the mines don't proximity detonate. The reason I'm posting this in an unfinished form is that I have no clue why they're not proximity detonating and need assistance.

Atarlost 10.08.2009 07:43

The detonation problem has been fixed, but there are still crash bugs related to it.

Atarlost 14.08.2009 09:32

Energy mines are now working and apparently crash free thanks to Taben. This mod is currently completely and totally unbalanced.

Atarlost 17.08.2009 11:21

This now has the first version of the enhanced Iocrym blocade bundled with it, hence the change of name and move to the Ship (Enemy) category.

Elegantio 22.10.2009 22:55

WARNING! the disintegrators used by the fleet can disintegrate the iocrym command ship, thus losing you the stargate control rod

Shane Filomena 15.09.2011 00:11

sounds evil: i must have this :)

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