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Screenshot A bunch of weapon icons!
If you just want to personalize your weapon or make a total weapon replacement, I think you will enjoy the new icons.
The zip contains the icons and the mask in BMP format.
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Author digdug
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Added (Last modified) 02.06.2009 (02.06.2009)
Game Version 0.99c
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Atarlost 02.06.2009 04:33

Unless you've found a way to replace icons without overriding weapons I'm not sure this is all that interesting compared to mod #182

Mod Modder 02.06.2009 13:12


digdug 02.06.2009 14:19

no, I've not found a way, these icons are going into WE2. HOwever I thought that they could possibly be interesting to weapon modders.

Darth Saber 02.06.2009 17:47

Good job Digdug! BTW, what is the meaning of WE2, and WMD?

digdug 02.06.2009 20:53

WE2= weapons extended 2, it's my latest mod.

WMD=weapons of mass destruction, an attribute for weapons in Transcendence.

Darth Saber 05.06.2009 19:46

Thanks for the enlightenment, digdug.

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