!Rozi-Cozi! deflector non godmod View Mod
I know some of you don't like godmods.
With the same name, another description, !Rozi-Cozi! comes back, with a smaaaaler price, and now it isn't a godmod!!

Re-Download Please!
Categories Broken Mods, Godmod, Weapon
Author Little Modder...
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Added (Last modified) 13.05.2009 (16.05.2009)
Game Version 0.99c
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digdug 15.05.2009 20:15

it's still a plasma toaster, but now it's less unbalanced. :D

Well done Little Modder ! :D

Little Modder... 15.05.2009 20:29

Thenk you

nrt677 15.05.2009 21:14

It works now?

Little Modder... 15.05.2009 21:43


digdug 02.06.2009 03:41

please fix the duplicate UNID you have.

Star Weaver 15.06.2012 11:16

How is plasma 2hp x79 @ 30/second for 0.2 MW -NOT- godmod?

Star Weaver 15.06.2012 11:17

Oh, also, some of the streams look messed up and the icon is the right fifth of a raid platform and most of a salvager nomad O-o. The in-game description is a sentance I can't parse and it has exclimation points in the name. ....

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