Superlaser View Mod
This a groundbreaking over switchable weapon. It switches between three different guns, one is an over-powered laser, the next destroys every thing on the screen (and looks really cool), and the third launches select fuel rods and missiles. The last one is really ground breaking because it makes the weapon switch between a launcher and a primary.
Please ignore the ingame item descriptions, and also note that it was written over a basic laser cannon, so this has a very high chance of being found in Eridani.
Credit goes to digdug for the idea, first implementation of switching, and configoration information; me for weapon design and Atarlost for the working function code. And of course George Moromisato for the game.
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Author bluesaberist
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Added (Last modified) 06.05.2009 (04.01.2010)
Game Version 0.99c
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digdug 06.05.2009 17:07

cool, what happens if you already have a launcher installed ? are you beforehand checking for a previous installed launcher and preventing the switch in that case ?

bluesaberist 07.05.2009 05:02

Hmm, I had not thought of that, will check. It uninstalls the other launcher. I was only able to test it with a disposable though.

Dogma 03.08.2009 23:37

it doesnt let my transcendensce says it is unable to load 'plasma.jpg'

digdug 04.08.2009 02:04

definitely it seems to miss the plasma.jpg image that is used in one of the switch variants.

Moved to work in progress, bluesaberist, please fix this.

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