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A microfactory module, it's like a tinker station that you can carry around. The items are completely different from what you'd normally be able to process and get from a normal tinkering though.
Tinkering with this module is free, but it weighs 25 tons and costs ~100,000. Think of it as a long term investment.
This is a peaceful module, so no weapons. Perhaps in the future I'll make military and black market versions.
But before that, I'll work on my Advanced Drone Reprogramming module and Replication module.
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Author Blaze
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Added (Last modified) 05.05.2009 (06.05.2009)
Game Version 0.99c
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digdug 05.05.2009 23:49

Nice, a + to blaze for the nice idea

Branden 13.05.2009 02:37

Wow,I love the idea.. cant wait to test it :D

Marcus 14.06.2011 01:45

I love to nitpick, so here it is...it shows up way too much as found cargo...my current game I found three(all sold for cash) like 85000 each or something.

Seigetsu 03.10.2011 22:00

I made a weapon, then the dual version. and added their "<!ENTITY" to the MFM, and then said in the list; (&itSuperWeapon; 2 &it2xSuperWeapon;) so that in-game i could combine 2 of the super weapon to make the dual version. problem is the message i get is : we can take 2 "Super Weapons" and make "Nil".

What haven't I done right?

Seigetsu 03.10.2011 22:11

Also is there a list of ingame item tags like their code name, itexample.

FAD 09.10.2011 04:46

@ Seigetsu. Somewhere in your added code, it is not recognizing your duel super weapon (&it2xSuperWeapon;) Be certain that its UNID is correct and complete in the list of UNIDs.

For your second question, Yes, take a look at the Transcendence.xml. It has every UNID listed in the vanilla.

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