Mining Resonance Emitter View Mod
I saw a post talking about an area-of-effect mining device, but I haven't seen the mod itself uploaded here. If it already exists, please remove this.

I originally intended for this weapon to be completely harmless, but I needed to alter the code to make sure it mines ore, but leaves allies unharmed. Unfortunately, while the device does remove ores, it also obliterates the shields of nearby ships; though the hulls of said ships will remain relatively unscathed.

The weapon itself costs ~10,000 credits, and requires at least a 50MW power generator(While most other devices are disabled). This is to (hopefully) make sure that it isn't too abuseable early in the game.
Categories Weapon
Author Blaze
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Added (Last modified) 04.05.2009 (04.05.2009)
Game Version 0.99c
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Darth Saber 04.05.2009 18:57

Nicely done, Blaze; I do not believe that there was a mod built solely for the purpose of mining, until thine. Again, nicely done.

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