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A six-segment armor freighter collection. Includes the EI-200, the EI-7000 (Korolov's largest) and Gamera (aka the Dwarg Behemoth). With revised (more affordable) versions of the F-Bomb Lite, Midpower, and Advanced in the same mod (but separate from the ships, feel free to change). And version 3.0 adds a fourth ship type, the Starwolf-class battlecruiser (aka Dvlenk6's angel submarine). This mod replaces the old EI500n7000, EI-Miner+FBx3 and scGamera mods. Thanks to all and enjoy!

(Revision 3p0: Irony is... figuring out a last bit of bad code *after* you upload your mod :oops:
Apologies to the early downloaders, the mod has now been fixed.)
Categories Ship (Player), Quality approved
Author DOSBox-gamer
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Added (Last modified) 28.04.2009 (28.04.2009)
Game Version 0.99c
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digdug 01.06.2009 22:24

good job DOSBox-gamer !

Aeonic 19.06.2009 23:05

Its fun to play a slow freighter with a huge cargo capacity for a change. Get tired of having to fly back and forth all the time with a little ship. I played the first part of this game as a mining vessel and went around exploring the asteroid belts and making a small fortune in ore. Too bad most of the stations ran out of money eventually!

I would prefer you not have included the F-Bombs though. I purchased one not realizing it came with the mod and found that you could destroy virtually anything with them, including the Iocrym. Plus you can mine with it. Who needs anything else? They're seriously unbalancing, because they don't require much energy to use, they can destroy anything easily (sung fortress takes 4 waves), they act as a shield from projectiles, and they make mining way too easy.

You can also cheat with the F-Bomb by hiding on a planet and wiping out everything around you. And since most bases are around planets, there's virtually nothing the enemy can do to stop you.

DOSBox-gamer 12.07.2009 13:57

Sounds like a ringing endorsement to me! ;) Seriously, though, I didn't set out to make this weapon too strong, I just got tired of trying to mine each asteroid individually. Hey all, what's your thought: put F-Bs as is in God-Mods, or redo them weaker??

Jeoshua 06.03.2010 21:33

How about making them much weaker and only really useful for mining and taking out masses of small ships, like hornets.

Dogma 18.07.2010 17:09

update for 1.10?

Azar Wolf 18.07.2010 18:39

I havn't seen DOSBox-Gamer lately either.

BTW - it's 1.01 ;)

Latest version is 1.02, but it's a buggier beta; 1.01 is the 'official' release ATM.

DOSBox-gamer 31.07.2010 13:48

I'm still here. My old PC died some months back and it took me a while to get another. Not much new to report, still tinkering with the old mods. Have Notepad++ now, how did I ever code without it!?

digdug 01.08.2010 00:22

hi DOSBox-gamer, glad you are back with us :D

DOSBox-gamer 31.08.2011 23:47

Now available: Playership freighters v4. Not all of the ships are 6-segment, but still I think you will find it is a good mix.

DOSBox-gamer 04.09.2012 12:47

v5 now avail.

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