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My project to make all the ships within the game playable. Please understand that I am no computer artist yet, so there aren't any "special" images for the shields or the ship choosing large images. Everything else is normal though. Have fun.

-Added 3 new ships.

-Changed my system so that I no longer have to use so many images. Now up to 20 ships. Please delete any that you had from previous installations or there will be problems.

-Added 20 more ships, bringing the total up to 40 ships. For kicks, try using the "Kobol gunship (missiles)" ship.
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Author the ship guy
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Added (Last modified) 19.04.2009 (19.04.2009)
Game Version 0.99c
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digdug 20.04.2009 13:47

the ship guy, you are doing a good job. Are you keeping original equipment for the ships or are you making version that are good for starting a balanced game ?

the ship guy 20.04.2009 18:35

digdug> I'm just laying the ground work for future modders. You guys can balance and fix it however you want, just give me some credit.

Little Modder> I'm sorry, I'm not the best balancer. I wanted to create ships that you can start out with, to enhance gameplay. if you are not satisfied with that, feel free to change the code your self.

evulmastr 22.04.2010 13:38

Very good. I had the same idea but gave up in the end. I do have some armor and shield images that i did for some of the ships

paolob 11.05.2011 11:49

really usefull! also, it's a startpoint for new simple mods...

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