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Screenshot Spectral Systems, a Division of Soggy Industries, has just started development. Their main purpose, to disign weapon systems with varying levels of power and effeciency.

Spectral Systems first release; The Spectral Laser System, is a well known and popular weapon system. the only laser colaboration that can compete with other systems such as particle, ion, thermo, antimatter and so on.

With a custom fire pattern, and a cheap and affordable price, Spectral Systems garantees quality... Or your money back.

Credit to DigDug for the custom configs!
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Author soggydoggy
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Added (Last modified) 14.04.2009 (08.05.2009)
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digdug 14.04.2009 15:50

cool! me like ! :D

Darth Saber 14.04.2009 23:02

Most impressive.

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