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This is a mod that I've been using for a while, it has a new cyber weapon that you can use (Disarm) and a deployable nanofactory.

It includes some new weapons, armor, items and a modded ship; the Advanced Hornet Battlepod.
Feedback and help would be appreciated. What still needs to be done is in comments in the XML file.
The mod is working (should be), I would like to improve it however either in balancing issues or code.
...I'm new.
Categories Armor, Mod Packs, Shield,
Author HornetBattlePodsRule!
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Added (Last modified) 08.04.2009 (08.04.2009)
Game Version 0.99c
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digdug 08.04.2009 19:34

+1 for the weapons armors and shields pack

+1 for the two non-standard items (cool)

-9 for the hornet battlepod :(

HornetBattlePodsRule! 08.04.2009 19:42



What do you thinks wrong with it?

ninja7 08.04.2009 21:49

it dont work :(

krazykid 08.04.2009 21:50

yeah the battlepod is way to weak i couldnt even beat the first mission agenst the centurions

HornetBattlePodsRule! 08.04.2009 22:07

What was wrong with it ninja 7?

Also I increased the level of the armor by 2 so it should be a little stronger.

digdug 09.04.2009 11:43

Actually I like the hornet to be weak. It was already demonstrated in the past, it's possible to reach at. Kathrine in an original battlepod.

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