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this pack is the current up to date WIP set for the Pardus overhaul mod, for the inspiration of others :)

includes the following:
ships: sabre, rustclaw, interceptor, hawk, wasp, VDC, thunderbird
custom exhaust image for the vdc
alterecco's GODmod et al (for ease of editing)
current WIP equipment file

thanks to spoilerhead for the .L3P's, Bayer and Szell for the inspiration, Mikill Thomas for fed ships, and Alterecco for the modding tools :)
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Author skatingtortoise
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Added (Last modified) 06.04.2009 (09.04.2009)
Game Version 0.99c
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ninja7 07.04.2009 02:04

nice :)

Prophet 07.04.2009 13:04

These ships look really nice.

Why do they all start with the same equipment?

Some of their stats could use some tweaking, ie rustclaw max cargo 110 and fuel capacity 10000.

I love the Hawk, It looks great!


skatingtortoise 08.04.2009 14:16

the reason for that is that these are the beginnings of a complete overhaul mod, new weapons, armour, shields and drives are in the pipeline :)

Little Modder... 10.04.2009 19:28

Very nice ships! Your graphics are....!!

Azar Wolf 05.06.2009 22:28

great ships! :D

you should come and make a thread on the official forum for your mod:

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