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Sabre class ship from

my first mod, so be gentle :P
Categories Ship (Player)
Author skatingtortoise
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Added (Last modified) 31.03.2009 (04.04.2009)
Game Version 0.99c
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Pedro Yuri 31.03.2009 22:10

Very cool Ship!

skatingtortoise 31.03.2009 22:19

thanks :)

hoping to get a load more done, but this is a good start i think :)

Bobby 31.03.2009 22:51

windows can't open it for me, but 7-zip can.

also: I like what I see.

digdug 31.03.2009 23:42

nice ship!

lampshade 01.04.2009 00:13

Ship graphic is AMAZING, but the ship itself kinda sucks

ninja7 01.04.2009 00:15

well thats not that nice...

ninja7 01.04.2009 00:15

i think its cool

skatingtortoise 01.04.2009 01:04

no worries, its supposed to be a bit lame :D

2 things worry me tho - getting the selection screen graphic right, and whether i should keep the directional lighting. thoughts?

soggydoggy 02.04.2009 04:18

Great ship, i want to make lots of ships but i cant make the graphics for it, so any suggestions would be great!

skatingtortoise 04.04.2009 18:11

try DoGa, a japanese program :)

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