Complete Item Intelligence Database (CIIDB) View Mod
Screenshot This updates your ship computer with all known/traded/stolen information on any Starship equipment or commodity, in the galaxy!
Provides addition information for you at any Shop HUD or Starship cargospace, for any Level item, from Centuri Rice To an Ares Lightning Turret, and beyond!

EDIT: New item graphic, new version compatibility.
Categories Quality approved, Usable
Author soggydoggy
Rating 3   0
Added (Last modified) 29.03.2009 (09.08.2010)
Game Version 1.02
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soggydoggy 09.08.2010 18:04

New CIIDB, comes with nifty graphic and better description. Added here to separate from any SI starship mod.

muffildy 17.07.2011 00:33

Great mod, i suggest remodding it so that the item appears just once at the start of the game much like the tech analyzer mod does.

WillyTheSquid 02.03.2012 08:22

Haven't seen it turn up in my games yet, even though it's been installed for ages. Must be missing something.

Matix 28.06.2012 19:37

I dont think this works with versions 1.05 - 1.08b :( I've installed it in those versions, but everything is still "unknown".

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