Scarab SX View Mod
Screenshot You've seen the scarab superfreighter, but how about the Scarab SX, using a custom graphic with 40 facings that resembles and is inspired by the scarab superfreighter.

this also has my newest in innovation in transcendence modding... the shield HUD integrated into the images for the ship! only two pics needed instead of three.
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Author Bobby
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Added (Last modified) 06.10.2007 (06.10.2007)
Game Version 0.98c
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Kamikaze 11.10.2007 01:28

Well, the integration of the shields is indeed slick, but the slam cannon isn't quite what this ship wants (Needs something a bit quicker firing), and I personally find it somewhat ugly (the ship that is). Looks more of a tanker than a superfreighter, I'd say to streamline the body (make it a cylinder, sort of) and possibly make the nose a bit more angular.

Good execution on this, though!

darksider 12.10.2007 18:40

"Only two pics" sounded good but actually 7.15MB for a single mask image is a major turn-off, you know.

Also, I can see jpeg artifacts everywhere, I suspect you compressed the image too much.

And the camera for the image - though it's not really a problem, it's directly overhead and not angled, which is not compliant as other Transcendence ship images.

And then about the balancing issue - its thrust and rotating speed is much better than I'd expect and virtually limitless devices, cargo, armor weight are what I call godmoddish.

If you prefer to be like that it's okay but not my taste, if I say.

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